Time to Paint the Outside of Your Charlottesville Home?

Is the exterior of your home looking dull? Is the paint beginning to crack or peel? Are you tired of the color of your home?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions or it’s been more years than you care to count since your home’s exterior had a coat of fresh paint, we can help.

Lightfoot Painting & Construction can give your Charlottesville home a beautiful makeover in days and for far less than the cost of almost any other remodeling project. New paint can make a world of difference in your home’s curb appeal.

Protect the Investment in Your Home

Did you know that paint does more than make your house look nice? It protects your exterior walls and trim, shielding them from the sun, rain, wind, ice and snow.

When paint is old, moisture can seep into wall openings where it ruins insulation and creates the perfect environment for mold growth. Unprotected wood is also susceptible to rot and termites.

Your house is probably one of your most valuable possessions. Make sure it’s well protected with quality paint.

Proper Preparation Before Painting

One of the ways Lightfoot Painting & Construction is different than other Charlottesville painting companies is the amount of preparation we do before we pop the lid off the paint can.

We begin by removing as many items as we can, such as shutters, mailbox, house numbers, planters, light fixtures and outdoor furniture. Next we put drop cloths in place to ensure paint doesn’t end up somewhere it shouldn’t.

We do a thorough inspection of all surfaces to be painted. We make sure they are smooth and have no cracks. Paint that has peeled, bubbled, or blistered has got to go.

We countersink exposed nail heads and spot prime any bare areas where the paint may have peeled off or worn thin. We scrape away old caulk and apply new caulk and prime. We also fill any cracks and surface imperfections.

Finally, we clean your house exterior thoroughly, being sure to get under eaves and in gutters to remove dust, dirt, leaves, spider webs and mildew.
Only when all areas are 100% clean and prepped do we begin to paint, ensuring your home will look its best and the new paint will last for years to come.

Exterior Painting of Your Deck and House Trim

In addition to painting the exterior of your house, we can also paint or stain decks and porches. After all, they need protection from the elements too.

If you have any railings, gates or ironwork that are showing their age, fresh paint can make them look new again. We’ll remove any signs of rust and protect the metal with a rust-inhibiting primer before using a direct-to-metal paint. This thorough approach results in beautiful finishes that will add years to the life of your home’s trim.

Skilled Exterior Painters

At Lightfoot Painting & Construction, we guarantee your satisfaction. We want you to love the way your home looks!

Our attention to detail clearly shows in our workmanship. Our painters are experienced and work with our company year-round, not just during the busy season. They take pride in their work and it shows.

We maintain all insurance required by the state of Virginia including general liability, business vehicle and workman’s compensation. References are available upon request.

Request an Estimate

If you’re considering having the exterior of your Charlottesville home painted, give us a call. We’d be glad to stop by to discuss your project. We’ll give you our best recommendations and a no-obligation estimate. Contact us today!